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Faced with the global awareness of global warming, the developed economies have finally begun a process of “greening”, relying largely on the financial sphere.
Most often, it is only a reduction of negative impacts, reflecting an advance in mentalities, but remaining far from a real positive impact.
Moreover, this “greening” is an additional cost for investors, which slows down the movement, and often a marketing prop in the current context of very low interest rates.
To go beyond this approach, we intend to show with BT&I that the blue economy allows a better creation of value, both in quality and quantity.

BT&I’s mission is to combine positive impact and economic value creation.
Our ambition is that this demonstration, beyond its direct impact, should have a knock-on effect and accelerate the process.

The Blue Economy to generate value differently

The Blue Economy is a concept created by Gunter Pauli who, since 1994, has highlighted the need for a profound change in our economic models:

  • Resource-intensive and wasteful, current economic models are too often inefficient and negatively affect our environment.
  • The economic actors in these value chains rarely share common interests and a long-term vision.

An innovative, comprehensive and multidimensional approach is possible,

  • organized around circularity and bio-mimicry
  • integrating extended governance and “green by design”,

The Blue Economy thus proposes a structural response to our collective challenges: decarbonation, de-pollution, inclusion, local activities and net-zero objectives…

We believe that positiveimpact investing is set to take a growingshare of private equity capital.

Gunter Pauli

Classic Economy

  • High interest rates, focus on economic growth
  • Savers prefer high yields in the face of inflationary pressure
  • The financial sector adapts a pure ‘risk/profitability’ analysis
  • Capital allocation promotes financial value creation
  • The negative social and environmental impacts are negative externalities.

Green Economy

  • Low interest rate regime; climate crisis makes headlines
  • In response to the climate emergency, savers are giving rise to SRI
  • SRI pushes the financial world to sacrifice yield for extra-financial results
  • Capital is being diverted from the most polluting sectors
  • The limited positive effects are passed on, as internal costs, to investors

Blue Economy

  • The financial world is adapting to the climate priority
  • Savers integrate financial, social and environmental returns over the long term
  • The financial community uses positive impacts as long-term measures of performance
  • Capital allocation evolves towards global value creation
  • The positive effects become an additional value, which increases the returns

BT&I, a powerful approach

  • taking into account the human dimension of our territories, the jobs and the activity that we can sustainably develop there.
  • going beyond the logic of impact reduction to aim for a positive impact.
  • using innovative approaches (technologies, organizations or financing) to rethink our business models.

The BT&I Investment Vehicle

  • will support 10 to 15 business projects by taking minority or majority stakes in order to accelerate the transition to a high-performance, blue economy,
  • will support projects via the most appropriate vector at their stage of development (Equity, Quasi-Equity…) to bring about positive impact solutions,
  • will accelerate mature innovations: from their “Proof of Concept” to their “Proof of Market
    targets an IRR (Internal Rate of Return) at the top end of the Development Capital range (15 to 20%)

For a concentrated, synergistic approach, we focus on 4 main themes of interest, and 12 segments from the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)

The Living


The Matter


Infrastructure & Networks


The Human

Education & Leisure
Fight against poverty and exclusion

Our project portfolio


Skysail is an innovative project to use the wind energy available between 100 and 800 meters of altitude to optimize the availability of renewable energy.


An innovative biomedical company, EdenTech has created a microfluidic system to capture microplastics in the oceans. A viable alternative to the depollution of the Mediterranean.

The BT&I team

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is consulted on all economic aspects, contributes to the quality of the transactions and the proper functioning of the fund.

Impact Committee

The independent Impact Committee, chaired by G. Pauli, gives its opinion on the extra-financial aspect of each project.
Following a co-elaborated methodology, this analysis commits BT&I.
The Committee is also the reference point for the Impact Charter. For BT&I, this is the assurance of a long-term vision.

The investment team

With complementary entrepreneurial and financial profiles, and a long shared culture of SMEs and their growth, Pierre and Eric have extensive experience in business development.
Fifty years of experience combined for a new adventure: skills, enthusiasm and experience at the service of BT&I.

The selection process

40 years of knowledge of the Blue Economy and feedback from 150 countries (ZERI Foundation)
Identification of strong innovations to create circular clusters in most industrial sectors
Partnerships with investors and entrepreneurs to launch BT&I

Development of a portfolio through a dense ecosystem of partners and experts

Transforming investments into agile businesses that outperform traditional business models.
To become a reference for investment in the Blue Economy


If you wish to contact us as an investor or project owner, click directly on the corresponding box to be redirected to the dedicated page. If you wish to contact us for other reasons, you can directly use the contact form below.


Project owners


What is BT&I?
An investment vehicle for companies and projects in the blue economy: A more circular economy, with a positive impact on the environment, territories and communities (developed by G. PAULI since 1994)
What is BT&I's legal form?
It is a separate sub-fund of a Luxembourg fund (Accurafy4) registered as an FIA: Fonds d’Investissement Alternatif
How is BT&I managed?
  • An independent investment team (BTI Conseil – Paris) selects the files and negotiates the investments.
  • An investment committee validates the legal and financial aspects of the transaction
  • The fund management company makes the investment and provides the periodic legal and financial reporting of the fund;
  • Daily management is carried out by the dedicated investment team.
What is BT&I's goal?
  • Demonstrate that investing in the blue economy is as profitable and relevant as traditional “Private Equity” in financial terms
  • Leverage the positive impact of companies and technologies that share the blue economy vision, and
  • to distance ourselves from “greenwashing”

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